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Repair Zone specialises in iPhone, iPad and Smartphone repairs

Why choose Repair Zone

There are many valid reasons why you choose us to take care of your valuable device.
The most important is that you don’t’ want just a repair. You want a repair you can count on.

Free Diagnostics

Quick Repair Process

30-Day Warranty

High quality spare parts

Our Promise


We can fix your device while you wait… In most cases it will not take more than 20 minutes to fix it!


We are giving a special guarantee of repairing or replacing your device with the highest quality original Apple parts for a given length of time. Also we get the best spare parts available on the market because our goal is to take care of your device like you would


We are providing you Free Diagnostic check-up on your Apple Devices. We will check all the problems with your apple device for hardware or software issues and let them know you.


We are so confident in the quality of our parts and the expertise of our technicians that we give our customers a 30 days guarantee on almost all our repairs

About us

Great experience

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Quick service

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Quality guarantee

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