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Get 26% Off For iPhone Repair & Accessories 26 March independence day offer

Get 26% Off For iPhone Repair & Accessories 26 March independence day offer

We are already on 03 march,
the big day is approaching,
26 march Independence day 2021 ,
and some stores have already put the batteries as they have not done in the previous days.
If you were hunting for an iphone repair or accessories,
the artillery begins today so you should keep an eye out because some of the best prices will soon disappear as the stock flies.

That said,
we are going there with the compilation of the best deals on mobile repair,
and also accessories, that we have currently active.
The best offers so that you end up with a iphone repair.
And for this we will review the most important online stores and that we do not miss anything.


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Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 series and introduced 5G

Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 series and introduced 5G

everyone was waiting for, the new iPhone 12 . We had already suspected it from the title of the event “Hi speed” , but yesterday we confirmed it: The new iPhone series came with 5G and 200Mbps / downloading speed per second. 

Let’s get to know them.

Big News: iPhone 12

5G makes the iPhone 12 faster with 3.5 Gbps / 1s, without draining its battery. In fact, Apple has created a new Smart Data Mode application that determines when you need to use the network. 

In addition to enhanced 5G, the new iPhone 12 also comes in 5 new colors: black, white, red, green and blue. If we want to talk about percentages, it is 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter compared to the iPhone 11. It has a 6.1 ” Super Retina XDR screen with 2.8 million pixels and supports a contrast ratio of 2,000,000: 1 which means that even the sharpness of black will be different. The brightness increased to 1200 nits.  Also, another milestone that Apple has acquired is that inside it is placed the A14 Bionic chip at 5nm, which equips it with dynamics for gaming. Another strong feature is the “ceramic shield” technology

. The screen glass is protected, it is harder and 4 times more durable than all iPhone models.

In terms of photography, it has a dual camera with 12MP main and 12MP ultra-wide, with a 27% performance improvement in low light conditions compared to the iPhone 11 while in the video it adds Night Mode Time-Lapse .

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It is priced at $ 799 and will be released on 23/10

Small News: iPhone 12 Mini

The new iPhone 12 Mini could not be missing from yesterday’s presentation and of course, stole the show. It retains all the features of the iPhone 12 but is smaller in size with a 5.4 ” screen . It is the smallest, slimmest and lightest 5G mobile phone in the world. 

It is priced at $ 699 and will be released on 13/11

Great News: iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is as we expected. Potential. Apple’s premium flagship comes with 5G speeds in 4 colors: gold, silver, gray (toner) and blue, with enhanced XDR display6.1 ” , 3.5 million pixels , faster A14 Bionic chipset processor and uses the same“ Ceramic Shield ”technology that makes it 4 times more durable. Of course, it is waterproof with IP68 certification , which means that it can withstand up to 6 meters under water for 30 minutes. Incorporates 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP main lens, 12MP telephoto for portrait and 4x optical zoom, while Deep Fusion is offered on all 3 cameras, delivering photos better than professional cameras . 

Priced at $ 999, it will be released on 23/10

Great News: iPhone 12 Pro Max 

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s largest mobile phone with a 6.7 ”XDR screen. In addition to size, it also has a very powerful camera, creating a cinematic aesthetic. It allows 5x zoom scales and incorporates in the Wide Camera a sensor that is 47% larger – and the first in this size made by Apple – and offers 87% better performance in low light. Also inside is the “Sensor-shift” , a new system where the sensor moves but not the lens and offers clear shots, even in a moving vehicle. 

Priced at $ 1,099 and will be available on 11/13

The two iPhone 12 Pro also have LiDAR , which allows them to perceive the depth of space through lighting and focus up to 6 times more on objects in low light scenes and support AR processes . Also a new feature is expected in the coming months for the cameras of the 2 Pro models that will capture multiple images in one: the Apple proRAW .

iPhone SE 2020: what we see in Apple’s SE series

iPhone SE 2020: what we see in Apple’s SE series

The iPhone SE 2020 was made in order to launch a new iPhone model at a low cost that maintains the high standards of Apple and it probably succeeded with the above!

The design of the phone is familiar to all of us as it looks like the iPhone 8 : specifically it has a home button with fingerprint recognition and bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. It is also lighter and fits more easily in your pocket than any model in the iPhone 11. Series


Apple may have kept the design of the old iPhone 8 for the new iPhone SE, but its internal functions are clearly upgraded, most importantly the A13 Bionic chipset which gives it as much speed as the models of the latest series released in the fall. .

The A13 chipset has also improved camera performance even though its sensor has no significant upgrades from the iPhone 8 – the iPhone SE has only one lens.

It takes quality, bright photos that would satisfy most but it certainly does not have the bright colors and sharpness of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Portrait mode does not work as well as models that have a second depth sensor so sometimes the background of the photo looks a little strange. Nevertheless, for the price of the mobile phone, in most cases the camera takes impressive photos.

Battery life, on the other hand, is one of the disadvantages of the new model : it will hardly last a whole day unless you have the brightness permanently low and you do not use your mobile phone at regular intervals. Especially considering the apps that now draw the most battery life, it is almost impossible for a full charge to keep the phone running for an entire 24 hours.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that it is a very economical model with many of the features of the most expensive Apple models. To be precise, it is the cheapest iPhone model ever released! Pre-orders have also started for Greece: with just € 499 you can get a brand new Apple model.

13-inch MacBook Pro: new laptop released by Apple

13-inch MacBook Pro: new laptop released by Apple

Apple has released a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with an upgraded keyboard, processor and memory. 

The new laptop has a 1.4GHz quad-core 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, which can be upgraded to a 2.0GHz quad-core 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor. 

It comes in two versions: one with 8GB RAM and 256GB memory and one with either 16GB or 32GB RAM and up to 4TB SSD memory . 

Perhaps the most interesting feature we see in the new model is the Magic Keyboard , which replaces the old butterfly keyboard. Its layout is also different with a “natural” Escape key and inverted, “T” shaped arrow keys.

The release of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Magic Keyboard follows that of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the new keyboard, which replaced the 15-inch MacBook Pro in the company’s lineup. However, rumors that the MacBook Pro 13 ”will be replaced with a larger 14-inch one have not yet come true.

With this release, Apple has greatly increased the value of the MacBook Pro 13 ”: now with 256GB instead of 128GB of memory, the keyboard is better and it only costs $ 100 to upgrade the RAM from 8GB to 16GB (half that of cost old).

For professionals, the most expensive version will definitely be the ideal one. It has 4 instead of 2 Thunderbolt ports, faster processor and more memory.

In terms of RAM, the two cheapest versions have 2.133MHz LPDDR3 memory while the more expensive one has the fastest 3.733MHz LPDDR4X memory.

For the time being, the new MacBook Pro 13 ”is available for orders only on the Apple site, but it will soon be available in physical stores to see it up close before you decide to buy it. The three versions cost $ 1,299, $ 1,499 and $ 1,799 respectively.

Dell Concept Ori and Concept Duet hands-on: A new era of computing

Dell Concept Ori and Concept Duet hands-on: A new era of computing

Foldable and dual-screen laptops are the hottest trends in tech, and Dell doesn’t want to get left behind. The laptop maker unveiled at CES 2020 today the Concept Ori and Concept Duet, two prototype devices that could transform the way we work and play.
We got to go hands-on with both devices prior to CES 2020 and got a feel for what the future of computing might look like.

What are Concept Ori and Concept Duet?

Concept Ori and Concept Duet are prototype devices Dell is developing that use dual-display and folding display technologies. Concept Ori is a foldable PC with a 13.3-inch OLED panel while Concept Duet is a dual-screen device that replaces a keyboard with a second 13.4-inch LCD display.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

The benefit of Ori’s foldable display comes down to portability and productivity. Bending Ori’s display creates two separate panels to work on while folding it closed cuts the device’s length in half.

Concept Duet is a different animal. It has two 13.4-inch displays separated by a hinge. The idea is simple: two displays means greater productivity. Of course, you still need a keyboard so Dell will offer a Bluetooth option that works separated from the device or attached to the bottom section.


Concept Ori: Hands-on impressions

Concept Ori is unlike anything on the market but my hands-on time with the device evoked memories of using Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold. The two devices are similar, although Lenovo’s device is further along and already set to ship in mid-2020 running Windows 10 Pro.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

When closed, the Ori is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. This makes it easy to slip into a purse or handbag. At the same time, folding the Ori doubles its thickness. It’s almost ironic that the future of computing is a complete reversal from the endless competition among manufacturers to make laptops as thin as possible. Still, there is a familiarity to Ori’s thick rectangular shape that reminds me of holding a dense notebook.

Dell hasn’t finalized the Ori’s materials but the prototype we saw had a pleasant soft-touch cover. Centered on the front is Dell’s circular chrome logo. A few imperfections with Ori’s design broke the spell and reminded me that this is still very much a prototype. For example, the screen didn’t fold perfectly flat so I could see a slight slight crease in the middle. Dell assures us that they’re working on a fix.

(Image credit: Future)

Opening the device reveals its flexible 13.3-inch OLED display. The panel looked marvelous in the brief time I had with the Ori. Colors were richly saturated and text looked so sharp that I had no problems reading small font. If you’ve stared mouth open at OLED TVs at your local electronics store, then imagine a similarly beautiful display sitting in the palm of your hands.

Dell showed the Ori off with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically attaches to the bottom half of the display so you can use the Ori as a regular clamshell laptop. When you’re done using it, the keyboard can be stored on the outside of the device, again, with magnets. It works fine but is a less elegant solution than sandwiching the keyboard between the two halves of the device, as the Thinkpad X1 Fold does.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

We know foldable display technology works, but what will people do with it? Dell walked me through several demos that showed off some of the use cases the new form-factor enables. In one, the device is folded and a video call is playing on the top half while the user is taking notes on the other half. When the call ended, I unfolded Ori so the screen was flat, and watched a movie trailer using the entire 13-inch panel.

These are just a few ways foldable PCs give people new ways to be productive, but Dell says more will be unlocked once people get their hands on the foldable.

Concept Duet: Hands-on impressions

Dual-screen laptops aren’t new. Asus has been leading the charge, an effort that brought us the glorious ZenBook Pro Duo.

Concept Duet is also a dual-screen laptop but differs in that it ditches the keyboard altogether for a second 13-inch panel. The closest thing I can think of to using the Duet is connecting a 13-inch laptop to a 13-inch portable monitor. Except, in this case, all that display real estate is housed in one device.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

I’ve never been a proponent of detachables or tablets because they don’t have keyboards. Fortunately, Dell recognizes the importance of typing with a physical keyboard so it built a wireless model that magnetically snaps onto the bottom portion of the device. When you slide the keyboard up, a digital touchpad appears so you can use the Duet as a clamshell laptop.

I wasn’t sold on the Duet until I saw how the second display could enable new ways of being productive. If you want to plan a trip, you can put a map with location destinations on the top screen while crafting our day-to-day plans on the bottom. You could also have a video playing on one display while you take notes on the other. I can see this being useful if you’re watching a cooking demo and want to make an ingredients list, for example.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

My favorite and perhaps the most natural way to take advantage of the second screen is to turn the Duet into a proper e-book.

What we don’t know about Concept Ori and Duet

(Image credit: Future)

Concept Ori and Duet are still prototype devices, so there is a lot we don’t know about them. Dell isn’t saying what components — CPU, RAM or GPU — they will pack. The design and materials aren’t finalized and Dell is still working on software to improve gestures for the Duet.

We also don’t know what operating system Duet and Ori will run, although we’d put money on Windows 10X, Microsoft’s upcoming OS designed specifically for new form factors.

How to choose headphones for your smartphone

How to choose headphones for your smartphone

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